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5150 Detailing has partnered with Main Street Wash and Detail.

They come to us with over 20 plus years of automobile detailing, auto painting/refinishing and ceramic coating expertise.

We are happy to have the opportunity to have the experience he is bringing to us and now are able to offer ceramic coatings to your vehicle for a limited time for only 650.00 for a 2year Ceramic protection coating. (additional years are 100.00 per year extra up to 5 years).

Don’t pay other shops and Dealerships the ridiculous price of over 1000-1800 dollars for the exact same service! Please visit other Bay area Detail shops then come see us and compare the differences.

We are local Bay Area Professionals and have a combined 50+ years and have many Detailing Certificates that date back over 20 years of auto detailing experience, and we will be around for many years to come to back the quality of our work.

Our Detail and Hand Carwash facility is located in Walnut Creek near many restaurants, shopping and transportation options available to you while your vehicle is in our care.

We have been instrumental in the training of most of the detailers in the bay area from Fremont, Dublin, Livermore, Concord, Walnut Creek, Martinez and even as far as Woodland. We did not learn to Detail and apply ceramic Coatings from You Tube videos, but from being involved in the research and development of most detailing products and services over the last 25+ years.

We maintain every type of Automobile from everyday drivers to Classics and Exotics along with the all the recent electric vehicles including the much loved Tesla, check out our photos page to view a few of the cars we have been fortunate to work our expertise on!

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