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Odor Removal

Removal of cigarette, pet odors and spilled food. Time to complete process is approximately 1-3 hrs.

Cars 39.99-69.99
SUVS 59.99-99.99

Windshield Chip Repair

Time to complete repair is around is 30 min.

39.99 per chip

Headlight Defogging and Restoration

Polish and restore headlights to their original shine and intensity. Time to complete process is 45 min.

49.99 for 2 lights

Water Spot Removal

Chemical removal of hard water spots from sprinklers.  Time to complete process is from 2-6 hrs.

49.99 per panel or window.

Paint Touch-Up and Dent Removal

Most deep scratches and paintless dent repair can be performed in less than a few hours, however we need to view the vehicle to give an accurate estimate of time and cost.

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